Here goes nothing!

ayato and IWelcome to my revival blog, “ The Conglomeration of a Purple Little Cow“!

I have had Blogs before in the past on blogger but they never really took off… I started them and then after a few posts They would just stay there to rot in the endless space called the Internet. My hope for this blog is that I’m starting a fresh new year and 2013 hopefully will be the year that I will continuously update the blog as I feel like with many things in my life I start things I never finish them. That’s the story of my life and I would like to change that!

What will be the focus of my blog, you ask? Well I would like talk about the three things I like : games, crafts and all things Japanese 🙂

Lets face it, I’m a 32 year old geek and i would love to share my rambling geekyness ( if that’s even the correct way of spelling that “word” ) with you!

I do hope you enjoy my blog, to find out more about me please visit the soon to be made “About Me” page!

Thanks for visiting ! よろしくお願いします! 😉

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