A missed opportunity to get a much wanted game…


So last night around 9:40 PM, New York time ,I Decided to randomly check out the website Play-Asia and what do I see on the homepage but “Project X Zone” for $24.50 US! Now that is by far the cheapest I have seen this game especially for being an import, so I quickly snatched it up,put in my cart and I went to look for a 3ds case for my new 3ds LL. I am so mad right now because basically by the time I actually got through all of the screens for shipping information, the price had changed from $24.50 to $69.99 and said that everything was sold out. I missed it by literally a minute!! I quickly wrote them an email explaining my situation hoping that they will reply and give it to me for that price since I know they had over 600 units and It really wasn’t “sold out”, but all they replied with was a big “Gomen !” Sigh…. Needless to say I didn’t order anything and I just hope they have a cheap sale like that again!


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