Selling just about everything short of the kitchen sink…..


This is one of the things I sold. I just felt like playing around with it and making it look pretty ^.^

So in a recent post, I had mentioned that my computer went Kaputs (sp?) and I had bought a new Alienware Laptop! Well, after about a month of owning  and breaking it in, I have been diligently trying to accumulate enough money to pay my hubby back for it! It cost $2,400 dollars that we really don’t have (especially when yours truly is currently unemployed and looking for employment with no luck…. >.<) and so far I have amassed a small but significant sum to pay that debt!

From my first go about on eBay, I made the following towards my Computer :


From the second go around that I’m currently working on it looks like it will be around :

Aprox $700.00

It looks like I’m about half way to paying it back! Woot! I love ebay! I have so much unnecessary shit at that is just sitting around and not being enjoyed I may as well sell it! I’m trying to be as minimalist as I can take right now. I would love to be completely minimalist but yea… that’s not happening! I would have to completely rewire my brain. I have so much stuff that I just feel like taking a big black garbage bag and tossing it all in indiscriminately out to the curb. Let the squirrels deal with it…

So far I have sold my Japanese Sega Saturn and ALL my games, a few English Manga Collections, some misc ps2/ps3/psp games, some dvd sets and some dolls. I blame Japan. Two trips to Nihon and my hubby and I come back with 4 big suitcases and then some full of anime/otaku crapolla! well, at the time it was not crapolla… Now the Gashapon Army is starting to creep on me to take us into anime hell while we sleep. And I would swear that they are plotting against us with my Blythe and BJD dolls… Sigh… I think maybe to show them who’s boss the next thing I’ll look through are my boxes and bags ( yes plural) of Anime Dolls/Jenny/Licca and accessories….  I was a die hard Doll Collector about 5 years back but since I have no real money to spend on these dolls, I think it’s time to part with some and see them off to a better owner who will cherish them as much as I do.

Ok, this is the plan! Keep on selling and pay back my debt and de clutter my life 😀

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