Posted in April 2013

Hating the gaming industry 2013

I hate the video game industry this year! A big fat “Aaaaaarggg !!” to you! You are on a mission to make me a broke woman this year! Why o why do all these super wonderful games have to be released this year? I haven’t even had time to go through last years purchases or … Continue reading

Personal small monetary victory!

So as an update on my goal to payback my computer, I have successfully done it!! Within the past two months just by selling my unwanted shit, I made about $1,600 dollars 🙂 it’s a little more than half of what it cost but that’s ok because it is what my hubby originally wanted me … Continue reading

My job happiness…

My brain is shot… I wonder if everyone feels as brain dead as I do in the mornings? I even had my daily dose of java this morn! Does it work? Nope ! Time to kick it up a notch… So I am currently writing this from the train (where I get no signal… NYC … Continue reading

Bat Babies! Too cute!~

Bat Babies! Too cute!~

So I found a few Animated Gifs of Bat Babies online. They are so cute I had to share them!! 😀 I want one!~ This is like the best job ever! How can I get a job like this?