My job happiness…

My brain is shot… I wonder if everyone feels as brain dead as I do in the mornings? I even had my daily dose of java this morn! Does it work? Nope ! Time to kick it up a notch… So I am currently writing this from the train (where I get no signal… NYC needs to adopt Japan’s ingenuity.. We need WiFi in the subway tunnels) and making my way past the salmon to my new job. It’s not the most glamorous of jobs, but it’s a job non the less. Interesting too! I prob shouldn’t grip too much about it given that it is sooo impossibly hard to find a job in NY right now. Thanks to all these wars over the past 13+ years out bubble burst a long time ago into this never getting better pit of joblessness and widespread unemployment all across the country. Thank you world economy for making my college education obsolete. Much appreciated. It really sucks because no one is really hiring and if they are, it’s for dead end low paying jobs with no benefits. I really want to go back to school but have no money to do so and kinda wish I could go back in time and tell myself not to go to school for what I went for. It’s frustrating!!! Most people don’t end up in their fields of choice anyway. Do you know what I wanted to be as a child? A paleontologist. The minute I told my mom that she said, “you have to have a lot of money for that and everything has been discovered already.”I could have done anthropology, I could have a phd or be a professor right now… Or I could be at a dig right now in Utah or work at a national park! Maybe I was just born on the wrong side of the states … FML.. Yea I’m not happy with my career choices.. I kinda still want to do that but at this point in my life would it actually be a wise choice ? It will make me happy but will it give me income? And I just can’t go a galavanting across the US/Canada at dig sites while married. Sigh…… Here’s a toilet, lets flush it! 😦

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