Personal small monetary victory!

So as an update on my goal to payback my computer, I have successfully done it!! Within the past two months just by selling my unwanted shit, I made about $1,600 dollars 🙂 it’s a little more than half of what it cost but that’s ok because it is what my hubby originally wanted me to pay! Wooooot! Yay! If I have any extra dough lying around I will give it to him for the rest cause I feel bad :/ I hate owing people money, even if its “ok”… I wonder when my tax return is arriving ? I need to pay my student loan off… Then my credit card, which has been my life line all these months ! I have been trying to pay off this student loan for 10 years!!!! :/ they never tell you that when your on college… It’s a less than a hair away from being paid off so I’m happy because 2013 will most like be the year!! ((Fist pump – cheer! ))



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