Hating the gaming industry 2013

I hate the video game industry this year! A big fat “Aaaaaarggg !!” to you! You are on a mission to make me a broke woman this year! Why o why do all these super wonderful games have to be released this year? I haven’t even had time to go through last years purchases or yet-to-buy releases!! There are so many games I want to buy and yet I can only make some small purchases here and there because I seriously can’t afford it. I also hate that at least when it comes to the Japanese “bishonen” games if you don’t preorder them at super inflated prices, good luck seeing them again. Those puppies fly off the shelves fast! So this is part of my conundrum! I bought Glass Heart Princess because it was on sale and now it’s hard to find under $50! It’s currently still in my backlog of gamege… Don’t think that’s gonna ever deplete! This year alone I got rid of (eBay) so many games to pay my computer off and to save space that I think a few games coming in wont be so bad… At least that’s what I tell myself lol! I really need to start a system where I can play through my backlog so I can make that decision as to keep them or find them better homes. One thing I need to do is stop playing “open ended” games like WoW, Animal Crossing (yes I said it) and focus on games that have a beginning and an end. I swear its like a never ending cycle. I buy a game because it looks fun, keep it till god knows when and it gets lost in the unruly wilds of my house, I find it ( anywhere from a month to years later) and say “oh! That’s where it went !!” Or “ohhh! I forgot I had this”. And so it goes on. And I have video game ADD… I can’t tell you the number of games I have that I have started and never finished… Arg! Need a better plan of action!!!

2 thoughts on “Hating the gaming industry 2013

  1. Red Box is great for playing games without buying them. I beat BioShock Infinite after investing only $18 in it (rented for 9 days) and I’m just about to finish Star Trek after spending only $10 (for 5 days). Now I’m guessing you’re more of a PC gamer? Kinda out of luck there.


    • I’m not really a PC gamer per say, the only game I really play on PC is wow and the occasional guild wars 2. Mostly I like handheld games with some ps3 thrown in the mix. I have to say I mainly use my ps3 for Hulu though !!!

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