Shall I chance my Ipad mini in uncharted territory ??

I keep seeing all these people on the train every morning with their kindles and their iPads reading books while waiting to get to their destination and I think to myself ” I really need to do that”. I have an ipad mini at home with some magazine subscriptions and books that can use some love. I’m just a little bit afraid that because of what it is, it may suffer s propensity to get stolen. I’ve seen people whip out the old iPads and nothing happens to them (we hope).. What should I do? I have seen many use their iPhones /Androids as reading devices but I really don’t feel comfortable doing that on a small screen. I’ve also toyed with the idea of buying a cheap kindle touch but honestly, that would be like a major waste of hard earned cash I need for other things. I guess the safest method is to stick to a real bound paper book? I just feel that since I bought myself a ipad mini for Xmas, I should seriously use it. I mean its meant to be portable is it not ? So far portability for me has been from the bedroom to the living room. Maybe I will stick with a bound book for now and research how other commuters fair with their ipad minis if I actually see any !!

One thought on “Shall I chance my Ipad mini in uncharted territory ??

  1. You should definitely not be afraid to use it in public. When I fly I occasionally get nervous about having my MacBook and iPad all out in the open when going through the security bins, but no one has ever touched them.

    I would recommend having the “Find my iPad” app installed and set up, so that if it would happen to get misplaced you can track it via GPS. I’ve never have had anything stolen from me out in public, usually it’s at a home or something where people will steal stuff. Not with people watching. I bring my iPad with me anywhere, especially if I’ll have to wait (reading magazines on it while waiting to get a haircut for example)

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