These Monster Hunter cases sure are cute !

20130506-094810.jpgSo upon strolling this morning through my new favorite import site (looking to spend money I really don’t have…), I found these cute little Monster Hunter Multi Purpose Cat Cases! I forget what the cat is called but they are so gosh darn cute!! I kinda want one but God only knows that it will probably end up behind my night stand or under my bed … I have plenty of “cases” already that I’m trying to justify using… I need to get rid of more stuff, arg seriously ! I have no bleeming time.. Anyway getting back on track, I was never really a monster hunter fan and these cases kinda make me want to give it another chance. The first MH game I played was “Monster Hunter Freedom Unite” for PSP and while my Hubby and friend enjoyed it, I bought it out of peer pressure and never really got the hang of the weird controls. I like RPG’s or mission games where a group accompanies you and not your by yourself and the AI is messed up. I love the Phantasy Star portable games for PSP, I tried God Eater Bust (didn’t enjoy as much) and I have EX Troopers for 3DS and I LOVE it! So because of this later experience I have been thinking of giving it another chance and sometime later on this year getting the Monster Hunter 3G 3DS game that just came out. It looks nice but I’m not too informed on the story/gameplay. Please teach me the ways of MH and inform me of its “greatness”!! 😉

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