Swimsuit Scene Deemed Too Raunchy for American Audience

Yea I heard about this and it kinda peeves me off as games in USA have had far worse… I mean there were bikini scenes in Lunar for God sakes and there is no censor there!! The USA NEEDS to grow up and embrace things like this. First off, she’s not naked, AND even if she were, for a game like Fire Emblem that’s not HENTAI, it would be classy nudity. This is where Asia and Europe have one up on us stuffy Americans. I’m sure we see worse at our beaches!!

SoraNews24 -Japan News-

fireemblem1America is known for being particularly prudent when it comes to sex and nudity, and the censors have been at it again in the US release of new Fire Emblem Awakening content. Someone somewhere has judged an image in the game to be far too naughty for sensitive American eyes, incurring the wrath and bemusement of fans around the globe.

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