The Shinsengumi gets thrown into High School drama…


So apparently I was surfing the Otomate website, and I discovered (a few months late), that they are making a “Hakuouki” School life based dating sim for PSP some time this year. Um… wow. I actually find it kinda funny that they are making this because, while I understand that the Hakuouki franchise is super popular for otome gamers, I can’t take this game seriously. I’m sorry. I much prefer my men in their historical Edo Setting. Sure they look hot, but it just does not look like it has any “character” to it. It really reminds me of yet ANOTHER tokimemo* rip off. Down to the “tree” idea and everything. Well, I’m not too sure about the tree idea, but if you look under story there is a tree portrayed there. That was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw it, ” Oh boy, lets all promise eternal love under the big tree on the last day of school and we will be together forever…”.

Anyway, the story is really about the heroine, Chizuru Yukimura who goes in the spring one year to a new school (which happens to be an all boys school), and there she meets the Hakuouki boys and the fun really starts.

I highly doubt I’ll play this, although I’ll keep my eye out for it out of curiosity for when otomate decides to put up on their website the actual “system” gameplay.

If you want to take a look a the website, here it is :

Hakuouki SSL website

* Tokimeki Memorial ( Originally a guy goes to a new school and dates girls with fun school activities to lvl up to catch your chosen girls eye. – comes in otome aswell, in the form of “Girl’s side” )   < As a side note, I’m a huge fan of the Tokimemo games, not bashing the series in my post. >

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