Summer of Po

This is the summer of being Po. With all these awesome game releases I can’t even afford the “o” and the “r” in “Poor”!! Why did the video game industry have several years (in my opinion) of lackluster games and dry spells, only to implode with the mother load of gaming goodness in 2013? I can’t even afford half of this stuff! ( let’s not get started on my ever growing game backlog. ) So what’s coming out that I want?
(In no particular order)
• Time and Eternity for PS3
• Tales of Xillia for PS3
• Holy Sorcery Story for Vita
• Shin Megami Tensei IV for 3DS
• The CInderella -Halloween Wedding- Triple game box set for PSP
• Romeo vs Juliet for PSP
• Brother’s Conflict – Brilliant Blue
• Glass Heart Princess Platinum for PSP
• Pokemon Y ( the one with the deer) for 3DS
• Hatsune Miku for 3ds

So this is it! Where in Gods name am I to get all this money or time lol ? Time to put them on my Xmas list and sell my unwanted odds and ends to make room. That or prioritize what’s more important.

Now which ones did I preorder? I’ll save that for another post!


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