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Summer of Po

This is the summer of being Po. With all these awesome game releases I can’t even afford the “o” and the “r” in “Poor”!! Why did the video game industry have several years (in my opinion) of lackluster games and dry spells, only to implode with the mother load of gaming goodness in 2013? I … Continue reading

Hating the gaming industry 2013

I hate the video game industry this year! A big fat “Aaaaaarggg !!” to you! You are on a mission to make me a broke woman this year! Why o why do all these super wonderful games have to be released this year? I haven’t even had time to go through last years purchases or … Continue reading

Glass Heart Princess Software Review

Glass Heart Princess Software Review

I just recently bought this new PSP game! I can’t wait to start playing it! This video is a little bit of a preview of what the software actually looks like if you want to buy it ^.^ I plan on making game play videos soon!!