Objection! and Puzzles that cunfundle the mind


So I recently purchased on my new favorite import site, Ami Ami, Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney for 3DS for the cheap, cheap price of $20.  I am a big fan of the Ace Attorney games and I started playing Layton ( the first game on DS) a few months back so I was super excited to get this awesome collaboration! So far I have to say it’s a spectacular game and since it’s not coming out in the west anytime soon (if ever…), buy it at the first chance you get! I don’t really understand too much Japanese and I end up skipping most of the dialogue (unless voiced) but the puzzles and the turnabout trials are tons of fun.

Originally I heard that this game is more like the Layton games than the Ace Attorney games, and I would have to say that from what I have played thus far, it’s probably true. You use the hint coin feature during the trials. I actually love that because since I’m not fluent in Japanese it’s a lifesaver to help me move the story along. I actually find that the Layton puzzle parts are more fun that the trial parts (probably due to the language barrier…) and It actually is making me want to purchase the 3DS Layton games when I have some spare cash! I love the way the Layton game part works and the 3DS is amazing at actually making the backgrounds looks stunning in 3D mode. I rarely play my games in 3D but I have to say this one does it very well. Props to Level-5 and Capcom for this!

Now currently in the game as of today I am in chapter 3  and I have officially logged approximately about 11.30 hours. Yes you heard right… 11.30 hours. I’m sure if I was fluent and knew what the heck I was doing with some of these puzzles it would be a faster experience. I have also left my 3ds running for a while without play, but I would swear that the game does not actually log those inactive hours. I’m not giving away any spoilers but the Chapter 2 trial alone was almost 1.30 hours long…  Now I love Ace Attorney, but this literally felt like forever. Just when you think you have nabbed the witness in their own lie new things happen that make you think, ” hey.. wait a minute.. if this was a real court room….. ” Of course all Ace Attorney games are like that to a certain extent.

So I looked it up and there are about 12 chapters in this game (including the prologue and epilogue) and I’m only up to chapter 3. Oh my god this is going to be a LONG game. Well worth the money though. I like games that do not make me regret spending the cash and this certainly is one of them. It will keep me busy for a very very long time!

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